Two more albums now up at Bandcamp

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Music, New Releases, RPM, Startled Okapi

Ok, I knew I said it would only be a week or two – and it turned out to be a month – but they’re up there now. Both Tape Of The Locks and Interiors (Startled Okapi! Recordings No’s 10 and 11 respectively) are now available as name-your-price downloads – so grab them here in the usual range of formats.

There’s plenty of information elsewhere on here about both of these – just scroll down the page a bit for this year’s model or use the RPM category to go back further. I did notice, however, that I neglected to post a full tracklisting for Interiors, so here it is – in all its 37 track glory:

01 The Tomb Of Dido
02 Collector Of Bones
03 Into The Easy Way Out
04 Horizon To Horizon
05 Gone At First Light
06 Enough To Fill A Trunk
07 The Cloth Of The Sun And Moon
08 Winged Helmet
09 When You Come To A Fork In The Road, Take It
10 Tree Of Golden Apples
11 Breakfast Arrangements
12 Gods Of Two Species
13 By The Signpost
14 Random Access
15 Globe And Sceptre
16 From A Stairwell
17 The Smoking Mirror
18 Christian Science Reading Room
19 The Cat’s Purr
20 John Bernard Books
21 In Golden Green
22 Sword Of Mercy
23 Dust Blows Down The Mountain
24 Juxtaposition
25 One Hiding Place to Another
26 Harmonium Piece
27 A Revolver Hidden In A Secret Compartment
28 In Greenish Gold
29 The Astrologer
30 Sign Of The Black Dog
31 Towers Destined To Crumble
32 Only The Names Change
33 The Statue Of The Lion
34 Errors And Corrections
35 Priest Hole
36 Hobgoblins
37 At The Foot Of The Walls

It looks a lot I know, but as there’s nothing there over 1:52 long – and everything can be previewed at Bandcamp – don’t let that long list deter you.

As it seems likely at this point in time that I won’t be recording another RPM album (I’ve done 8 now and there isn’t a great deal of challenge left in it for me to be honest) in the next few months as mentioned a few posts down I’ll start picking my way back through the previous albums and picking out some high (and low) points along with some notes on how they were all made…


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