July Update

Posted: July 20, 2014 in General Stuff, Music

Well, there are one or two things going on at least. First and foremost, Digital Vomit has decided to call it a day – the full statement on Facebook reads:

After almost a decade of existence against all odds, Digital Vomit Records has decided to call it a day. Over 100 releases, over 100 forum members, nearly 500 Facebook likes and almost 200 artists later, we’ve realized that the internet social structure that existed in 2005 does not exist in the same way today, thus making further releases almost impossible. 10 years feels like a perfect milestone for retiring our “label”. Who’d have thought that a project that was once called “fucking retarded” on the old Planet Mu forum would grow into what it did and last this long? A final release is in the works….stayed tuned, and thanks for making DV an awesome little experiment that actually changed a few lives along the way.

Which says just about all there is to say I think. I should mention that there are actually 2 final compilations that are now ongoing, both of which I hope to be contributing to.

This means that, for the foreseeable future at least, any future releases by me or any of my side-projects will be put out via Startled Okapi! (either via Bandcamp or physically) and, although there are no plans right now to shut the DV site down, I shall most likely move all my releases on there across to the Bandcamp page at some point in the future as well. I have quite a backlog of unreleased stuff now, so some of that will be turning up online soon. A third volume of Catacombs is also in the pipeline.

Here are a couple of new tracks:

The Abstract Men


Finally, I haven’t forgotten about my review of my RPM albums – I hope to start that in my next post…


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