Recent Lack Of Activity…

Posted: September 20, 2014 in General Stuff, Music

…on here has mainly been due to me having very limited internet access right now – I hope to have this rectified in the next couple of weeks. But you can never tell with things like this – the connection where I currently live has never been great and has a habit of dropping out unexpectedly, and sometimes for long periods. However, once it’s working a bit better I’ll get back to some kind of regular posting schedule.

Because of this, I’ve slipped behind with my RPM reviews – I’d planned to start doing them once the relevent albums were up on Bandcamp but this hasn’t been possible as yet. I also have a new album ready to go too so that’ll be online as and when.

In one piece of news, I have a track lined up to be played at THIS – so if you’re hanging about in a forest somewhere in Galloway next weekend (27/28 September) and you have a radio with you, then you may well get to hear it. It’s previously unreleased, as specified (actually an off-cut from Theda Bara) and, as of now, I’ve no plans to release the track for some time. Possibly it’ll end up on Catacombs 4 – which is currently slated for sometime late 2016… Anyway, all the info is at the link above. There’s quite an extensive and impressive line-up – a bit of a shame that I live right at the other end of the country really.

Here’s some new stuff:

In The Labyrinth

Blur Of Inactivity


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