Nonjah Tunes 3

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Compilations, Music

I’ve got a track on this year’s Nonjah Tunes compilation, which came out a week or two back, and which I haven’t had a chance to mention until now. Here’s the write-up and the tracklist:


The third in a series of Dubnihilistic Compilations, the first to be released on Dystopian Dub Discotheque.

Like the previous two volumes which were originally released on Digital Vomit records, all contribution were gathered via an open call and encouraging not only to create interesting music following a loose definition of Dub or Dubnihilism, but even to allow tracks that may go somewhere beyond the fringes of dub to be included, as long as it is in a meaningful way dub-inspired and fits the compilation to create a challenging but entertaining listening experience and contributes to the evolution of Dubnihilism and Fringe-dub.

1.Autonomaton – Atmosphere
2.Thee Crumb – The Torchbearer (1209 Mix)
3.Remote Origin – November
4.Plan x Sonny Blake – Atme
5.Keith Hic – In the centre of the Lucid
6.Tantrumist – Vacationbreak
7.Hardoff – iDubWrong
8. Verbalizer – The House of the Rising Sun Recorded in Russian Taxi on the Phone
9. his Namelessness Is Legion – Babylon via Röcken, Naumburg and Tyburn
10. µ – Collage #3 Think God out of Existence
11.Scrambled Ego – Repetitve Reign Injury
12.Shanks Pony – Chilling with Nixon (how high was he?)
13.DevilMonkey feat Benjamin James Wylie – World Destruction (Timezone cover)
14.Autonomaton – Opera Dub

The whole thing is on Bandcamp – right HERE


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