New album now available

Posted: November 28, 2014 in Music, New Releases, Startled Okapi

I’ve just slipped this one out right at the end of November (no, it’s not a Bl*ck Fr*day tie-in before you ask) – it’s now up on Bandcamp as the usual name-your-price download.

Front Cover

The album’s called At The Mountains Of Kong (Startled Okapi! Recordings No. 12) – the bandcamp link is HERE


1: Dragon’s Blood
2: Ground Saucer Watch
3: Commercial Break
4: Dromedary
5: Ailodierap
6: A Man Of Paper
7: Stray Dog
8: Mind Like An Eraser
9: Corpus Hermeticum
10: You’ve Got Pitchforks, We’ve Got Antlers
11: The Scroll
12: A City Of Pillars
13: Meet Me On The Thirteenth Floor
14: 224 Oceana

All the tracks can be listened to in full on Bandcamp and I have posted a few of them (four in fact) in earlier posts. Virtually all of these have been sitting about in one form or another since last year – the album was actually put together in January. The Mountains of Kong, in case you were wondering, are – or were if you prefer – a fictitious mountain range long thought to exist (by various European explorers mainly) in the north of what is now modern-day Nigeria. In fact, they were marked as such on some maps right until the end of the 19th century.

In other news, The final (or almost final) Digital Vomit compilation is virtually ready for release – so I’ll be posting more on that when it emerges. I’m starting the process of moving all my DV (and Hallo-Excentrico!) releases across to Bandcamp in the next few months, so keep an eye out for all of them there as they appear. The RPM review series I’ve been promising for a while has been postponed for a bit – until February at least I think. I listened back to the two most recent ones the other night and realized that I had nothing constructive to say about them really, as I need a bit of distance from them before I can comment. So it’ll be happening soon, maybe…

Here’s a couple of new tracks to round this bumper post out:

A Very Small Machine

View From A Low-Flying Aircraft#1


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