Catacombs Volume 3

Posted: January 28, 2015 in Music, New Releases, RPM, Startled Okapi

As promised in the last post, Catacombs Volume 3 is now up on Bandcamp – the download page, with full track previews, is HERE – the usual pay-as-much-or-as little-as-you-want applies…



1 – Brewing By Arclights – 2:29
2 – The Astrologer In Full – 4:44
3 – A Locked-Room Mystery – 2:29
4 – Storks Fly Into The Night – 7:18
5 – Sleeper Cell Radio – 1:29
6 – Balsa Wood Hills – 3:01
7 – Undecided – 2:01
8 – Travels In One Direction Only (Full-Length Version) – 7:01
9 – Fragile – 4:14
10 – They Had Ventured Into The Forest – 5:03
11 – Leave The Flag – 2:30
12 – Between Two Points – 3:18
13 – Quagga – 3:21
14 – And Then… Nothing Happened – 3:05

The vast majority of these were recorded between 2011 and last year, with Travels… being the extended version of a track that was on the Digital Vomit ambient compilation back in 2010. Sleeper Cell Radio, Balsa Wood Hills and Leave The Flag were all off-cuts from previous RPM projects – which is a roundabout way of saying that this year’s challenge starts on February 1st and I will be posting the usual round of demos and updates on here as the month progresses. This year, just to stretch myself a little bit more, I’m going to attempt to record two albums instead of one. I’ve no idea how this is going to pan out right now – or even if it’s feasible. It may just be that the second ends up being a remix version of the first or just one long track. I do my best not to plan these albums too much in advance as it never turns out the way you expect it to. So it’ll be just as much of a surprise to me as everybody else.

I also couldn’t end this post without mentioning the death last week of Edgar Froese. Now, I’ve mentioned before that I don’t usually remark on the passing of every musician I’ve been influenced by as this blog would most likely consist of nothing else but obituaries, however, Tangerine Dream were one of my favourite bands and have been a massive influence on me ever since I bought a second-hand copy of Rubycon in our local junkshop for £1 when I was 14. So RIP Edgar – and thanks for everything…



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