RPM Challenge 15 – Day 8

Posted: February 8, 2015 in Music, RPM

So, the first week is over and I’ve no more finished tracks to share than I had after the first post. However, I do have a pile of stuff on the go and a bulging folder of rough MP3s sat on my hard drive waiting for me to have a listen back. 11 tracks in all as of tonight, although a few of them still need some major work and a bit of judicious editing as well. Here are a couple of the better-sounding ones:

7NM1 (Rough Version)

Jury (Rough Version)

There will be more later on in the week, as tracks get finished. I usually start a great number of tracks in the first week or 10 days and then the ones that show most promise tend to get completed and the others drop by the wayside. Some get finished off later on – but not that many overall. This year, I’ve already started more tracks than I did in the whole of last year’s RPM – I know this as I keep a written record of the whole thing every year, otherwise I’d quickly lose track of what’s going on. At the end this year I may scan some of the pages in and share then, just to illuminate the process slightly…

Getting 2 albums-worth of finished tracks is going to be a challenge however, as I said in the last post. The obvious thing would be an album of more beat-driven stuff and a separate Ambient one – an idea which I’m trying to resist as it’s a little too obvious, even if the tracks come out about 50/50 each way. Still, I’ve got just under 3 weeks yet, so plenty of time to nail it – even if, I discovered yesterday, I’m not going to be about much (if at all) on any of the 3 remaining Saturdays – which means I shall be pulling some late nights and very early mornings in the next week or so.


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