RPM Challenge 15 – Day 13 plus…

Posted: February 14, 2015 in Compilations, Music, New Releases, RPM

…The very last (at least I think it is anyway) Digital Vomit compilation.

Rotten Fish Head – DVR129


Memory. Mechanical Memory. Malfunction. Bit Rot. Big Data. Lifelogging. Cloud Disorder.
Digital Dementia. Data Compression. Memory Distortion, Recording Technology…
Rotten Fish Heah is a compilation around the theme of memory, decay and entropy,
inspired by the mechanical failure of hard drives.

Get it at either Bandcamp or Archive.org

As for RPM… well, it’s coming along. I’ve got 9 finished tracks now which add up to a shade over 29 minutes in total. So, if I’m still looking at making 2 albums, that means I’m about a third of the way there. Which is a little troubling as tomorrow is the halfway point and I still need to make nearly another hour’s worth of music. And hardly any free time on any of the 3 Saturdays left? Hmm…

Oh well, at least it actually will be a challenge this year.

The finished tracks, I hear you ask? Well, here are 2 of them.

Analysis Paralysis

The Unfamiliar


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