RPM Challenge 15 – Day 20

Posted: February 20, 2015 in Music, RPM

What the inside of my head has been feeling like this week…

Just over a week left now and I’ve got 18 finished tracks – more than enough for 1 album, but not enough for 2 just yet. So I shall have to press on for a bit it seems. There are another 2 that are virtually done and a number that are on the way. Getting myself over the finishing line this year is going to be a bit harder than usual – but that was the point of attempting to make 2 albums in the first place.

The way it’s going now, I feel that it will more likely be 1 long album (a double for those who still think of albums as being on black vinyl in 12-inch cardboard sleeves) than 2 discrete ones as otherwise the second one will run the risk of sounding like a pile of off-cuts and remixes. Which can have its charm – but sometimes that kind of stuff doesn’t get a public airing for a reason…

As usual with this, I have no title for the thing yet or any finished cover art. That will come this week as I should have some time to actually complete everything, as I’ve had very little free time at all this week and have been forced to snatch the odd half-hour here and there when I can. Hence the crows…

Here’s a couple more finished tracks:

Porcupine Dilemma



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