RPM Challenge 15 – Day 26

Posted: February 26, 2015 in Music, RPM

Well, it’s virtually all over for another year – I managed to finish the entire thing yesterday morning. So I now have 2 completed 14-track albums, which amount to roughly 90 minutes of music made this month from scratch. Which is some kind of record for me I believe.

I’ve got titles for both albums and I still need to sort out artwork too (that will be done tomorrow) and I’m hoping to get the whole thing in the post on Saturday morning. Unless something emerges in the next day or so, there are no off-cuts all this time around – I’ve written 28 tracks and used them all, although there are still a few unfinished ones floating about. One or two of which I may well come back to in a bit. I’ll post the artwork and a full tracklisting once I’ve got it all together – most likely tomorrow I’d think.

Here are a couple more finished tracks:

On The Turning Globe

Zones Of Interference


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