Posted: June 7, 2015 in General Stuff, Music


In this case, I’m meaning awful in the old context “Struck or filled with awe” rather than anything bad…

It’s been a couple of quiet months here – with usual RL stuff, including starting a new job, taking up a good deal of my time. I haven’t got very far with my idea of using the 2 RPM albums to produce a 3rd volume of remixes and alternative versions – in fact, I’ve completed exactly one track – which is posted below. Other musical stuff keeps pushing it to one side. Maybe soon…

Another Threshold

I’ve got enough tracks for another album – which I’m hoping to have up on Bandcamp by mid-July – and I’m looking at compiling some of the Asteroids tracks I’ve been working on in a fitful manner for a few years into an album as well quite soon. Right now, I’ve got internet problems too so any kind of sustained upload project is asking for trouble. Although, on the plus side, lack of internet means more time to work on tracks and less time looking at GIFs of cats falling off walls… Startled Okapi! is still alive too – there is a Bandcamp page in the works too, which is another project currently on the backburner – but I’m hoping for it to be live by the end of summer.

Here’s another new track to round things off:

Orphic Egg


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