July 2016

Posted: July 3, 2016 in General Stuff


Here I am again, posting a progress report at the start of yet another month. Well, I moved out of the place I’ve been staying at since last September and am now living in a small flat in Bournemouth. It’s all very relaxed – in fact you’d hardly know there was anybody else living here. The only problem so far is access to the internet – I’m on a shared wireless network here in my attic flat – which is spotty at the best of times and may seriously hamper efforts to upload music. We shall see how it goes.

However, I’ve already got 3 more albums ready to go at Bandcamp, as I took the chance to upload them before I moved. There are 2 Thee Crumb albums (a reissue and a new one) and another APOK album. All of these will go live in the next couple of weeks. After that, we’ll see what happens.

All my musical kit is set up here and I’ve been hard at work, partly going back through a lot of old, unfinished tracks and sorting them out and partly writing a good number of new Asteroid tracks. I expect to have the first volume of them live (depending on the upload situation, of course) fairly soon.

Look out for more information when it all drops…


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