Posted: July 24, 2016 in New Releases, Startled Okapi

The Asteroid Belt Vol 1 - Front Cover

So, here it is – at last. This is the first in a series of albums containing tracks named after objects in the Asteroid Belt. There is a second volume already waiting to follow this one and there will be more forthcoming in time.
The first Asteroid track ever written was the last track on this album, 3494 Purple Mountain, which was titled more or less by accident (it’s an observatory in China, if you were wondering). However, once I realized how many named Asteroids there were (I already had a pretty good idea about the large number generally) it became an obvious source of inspiration. Not to mention a massive source of titles…
The numbers at the start of each track are sequential numbers, which are assigned to the asteroid once it’s orbit is secured – the name often follows much later, sometimes after a long period of debate.
The basic sound of this album is pretty much Ambient, but be warned that there are beats now and again (mostly on 12 Victoria on this album anyway) and that discordant sounds do pop up, so it may prove a tad disquieting if you’re just looking to chill. It’s now up on Bandcamp, via Startled Okapi! The link is below…
Each of the 18 tracks has a few notes attached to it regarding it’s Astronomical Namesake and the origin of it’s name – if it’s known of course.


6 Hebe 03:43
12 Victoria 03:07
17 Thetis 04:06
55 Pandora 03:35
69 Hesperia 04:10
71 Niobe 04:14
103 Hera 02:50
163 Erigone 03:42
201 Penelope 02:50
216 Kleopatra 02:09
256 Walpurga 03:20
397 Vienna 02:21
402 Chloë 02:08
430 Hybris 01:32
747 Winchester 02:31
1912 Anubis 03:45
2340 Hathor 02:31
3494 Purple Mountain 02:30

Get it HERE – usual pricing structures apply and the whole thing can be previewed there as well.


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