August update… Part One

Posted: August 5, 2016 in General Stuff

Here I am, passing over yet again…

ST Cover Large

This time, it’s with another A Plot Of Knives album.

This one is called Survivalist’s Tower (Statled Okapi! Recordings No. 22) and can be found right HERE.

One of the earliest APOK albums now sees the light. Originally recorded back in December 2012 in a single day. This was, in fact, the third album recorded, before either of the other two so far released at Bandcamp or the other two released via Digital Vomit. This one is a little different as the focus is more on ‘slightly shorter’ tracks than the other albums. Judge for yourself if the experiment was succesful or not as the usual previews are available on the page. The usual pricing also applies…

I’ve been having a  bit of trouble in the new place I’m at with the connection – not to mention that I’m having trouble with a few other things too. But I won’t bore you with any of that. I’m hard at work most nights making music, so expect a lot more Asteriods albums very soon…


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