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RPM 2014 – the end

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Music, RPM

Well, I made it again. Just about. I burned off the CD this afternoon and it’s sat here on my desk waiting to be posted off first thing in the morning. I’ve been away most of this week so, luckily, virtually everything was finished before I left. I found myself finishing off a track this morning – albeit a track that won’t be on the final album. I had to finish it though, just to get it out of the way. Anyway, here’s the cover:

Front Cover

The album’s called Tape Of The Locks and here’s the full tracklisting:

1 – At This Time Of The Evening – 2:57
2 – The Way Of The Ancestors – 2:51
3 – Casts A Long Shadow – 2:52
4 – A Woman In A Red Bedroom – 2:57
5 – As The Hour Slips Past – 3:55
6 – She Reached Out For The Phone – 2:53
7 – In An Alcove – 2:24
8 – Unobserved – 2:22
9 – The Camera Catches What The Eye Misses – 2:05
10 – Drifting Through Paradise – 6:55
11 – Nothing Was Revealed – 2:51
12 – Crestfallen – 5:28
13 – Mercury Descends – 3:50
14 – Thirty Below – 2:20

I’ve posted a couple of these already but I’ll put a couple more up in the next couple of days. The whole thing will be up somewhere quite soon, no idea just where yet – watch this space.

The whole album seems quite downbeat on a final listen, so I’m not sure what that says about my state of mind this month – no doubt I’ll have more thoughts on it later on. I usually leave the RPM albums alone for a while after I’ve made them and tend not to listen back for some time. A bit of distance from them often gives me more of a balanced view. As there’s 8 of them now, maybe I should go back in a few months, pick out some of my favourite tracks and talk bit more about them as a whole. Unlike virtually all of my other albums, as they were all made very fast they can have things on them that might not have got through with a more considered approach. I’ll leave you to judge if that’s a good thing or not…


RPM 2014 – Day 19

Posted: February 19, 2014 in Music, RPM

I know it’s been more than a week since the last update – I really haven’t been about as much as I’d like actually to post anything – but I’m here now with a few finished tracks to share.

I have 16 finished tracks now – that’s completely done, mixed with titles and everything. However, I’m thinking right now that 3 of them aren’t good enough so I intend to add at least one more track by Sunday to make a complete album. No album title or artwork either yet, but it’s coming very soon. I’m hoping to have the whole thing done and dusted by next Friday (the 28th) and in the post as well

Here are some finished tracks:

The Camera Catches What The Eye Misses

Mercury Descends

Nothing Was Revealed

The next post will, if it all works out, feature the full tracklisting and artwork…

RPM 2014 – Day 11

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Music, RPM

As it stands so far, I have rough versions of no less than 14 tracks. Not too bad for 11 days work I don’t think. It does help that I’ve had a couple of free days to work on this stuff at my leisure. Now, of those 14, I have to say that I think at least 2 or 3 most likely won’t make the final cut. They all still need a bit of polishing up and, of course, there’s the business of giving them titles and ftting them all into a running order too.

The tracks all add up to about 43 minutes so far – almost enough for an album (45 minutes at least is what I usually aim for) and, once I’ve sorted them out I hope to have an idea of where I need to go from there. Most likely I shall have to write at least another 5 or 6, as well as finish off a few others I’ve only got pieces of right now. At least I’m heading in the right direction. Here’s a couple more:

Jonah (Rough Version)

Puppy (Rough Version)

RPM 2014 – Day 7

Posted: February 8, 2014 in Music, RPM

Well, it’s the end of day 7 and, so far, I’ve got 19 tracks sitting about in various stages of completion. I had some free time today to push things along and I should have most of the weekend free to work on stuff as well. As the weather is going to remain foul I expect I shall be holed up here until at least Sunday afternoon with nothing much else to do except sort a pile of these half-finished pieces out. Most of them are coming out at about 3 minutes or so right now and, although I wasn’t planning on doing another album of short tracks, I may well be heading that way.

Now I should point out that I actually didn’t have any plans at all when I started so the fact that I’ve got anything is always a bonus. As usual at this stage, nothing has any titles and I’ve no idea about an album title or any artwork just yet. I have a nice new printer now (albeit a nice new printer that is currently out of ink) so I shall be able to knock out some decent artwork this year for a change. Here are a couple more rough versions:

Nitre (Rough Version)

Ember (Rough Version)

RPM 2014 – Day 4

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Music, RPM

Not tons to report so far – I got off to a slow start this year so, as of today, I’ve only got the beginnings of 14 tracks. There are a couple that are quite a way along – which I shall be posting below – but a good number of the others are just rough sketches so far. I’ve got a free weekend coming up so that will give me a good chance to knock a couple of them into shape. It’s still a bit early to say what sort of shape the album is going to take as I’ve got a feeling that several of the tracks I’ve been working on so far won’t make the final cut. By the end of next week, once I get the feel for the whole thing, it’ll become clearer.

Here are a couple of the works-in-progress (working titles and rough mixes only so far):

Hurst (Rough Version)

Balsa (Rough Version)

…in other words, it’s almost time for the RPM challenge. Up til a couple of days ago, the site was down – as it’s been since about last July I think – and I was planning on doing very little this month. But, a couple of days ago, I got an e-mail saying it was up and running again so, maybe against my better judgement, I signed up again for my 8th year.

As usual, I have no idea what I’m going to be doing or how it’s going to pan out – but it always seems to work out fine so I shall pitch in as I always do and see what happens. It’ll be the usual routine of posting demos and thoughts as I go.

In other news… er, there isn’t any really. I’m planning on putting a few more albums up on Bandcamp at some point – no idea when, but soon. Most likely both Theda Bara and Sometime In The Next Thousand Years will be there soon, as will last year’s RPM album Interiors, which has been looking for a permanent home since last year. There may be more as well – more info on that as and when it happens.

Here’s a couple of newish tracks:


A Man Of Paper

This year’s RPM album…

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Music, RPM

…can be downloaded from here (all 37 tracks – 320kbps MP3 and cover) in a handy ZIP file – until I figure out what it’s final destination regarding a release will be. Once that’s decided then this link will be removed, so grab it now while you can.

RPM 2013 – completed

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Music, RPM

I finished this on friday afternoon as I’ve had few days off work (enforced due to tiresome transport problems I won’t elaborate on here) so I’m going to burn off a disc and send it off either later today or tomorrow most likely. Rather inevitably, after last year’s album, it’s called Interiors and the whole thing came out at 37 tracks and lasts almost exactly 47 minutes.

Interiors Front 400

That’s the cover and here are a few tracks:

Collector Of Bones

The Cloth Of The Sun And Moon

Towers Destined To Crumble

The longest track on this album is 1:52 and the shortest is 30 seconds and everything I finished this year has been used, although there are a few more half-finished bits I may use at a future date. There are also a couple of the finished tracks that I think might benefit from being extended – although most of them work very well exactly as they are. I’m actually very pleased with how this came out, it’s something that I possibly should have attempted years ago and I will definitely do more album of short tracks again in the future. Right now though I feel I might just have a lie-down…

So, here’s a couple of finished tracks:

The Tomb Of Dido

Globe And Sceptre

The Dido in the title of the first track is a reference to the legendary Queen of Carthage, rather than the whiny singer/songwriter whose CDs seem to be clogging every charity shop I look in these days – just thought I’d point that out.

I’ve got 26 finished tracks now, but only a few mastered and titled, so there ‘s a bit of work to do just yet. The total playing time for all these tracks comes in somewhere just over 31 minutes, so I think I’ll need about another dozen or so to get me over the line. 45 minutes is roughly what I’m looking for.

In other news, I’ve just put up an album at Digital Vomit by A Plot of Knives. The album’s called The Palace Of Winter.

Front Cover

Four tracks in total (just over 38 minutes in all) recorded in a single day in December last year – basically they consist of live laptop improvisations which are then minimally edited and treated afterwards. The Digital Vomit page is here or, if you want the direct link to the ZIP file try here.  Here’s a track:

The Palace Of Winter Pt. 2

A Plot of Knives is mainly a side-project for my more ambient/drone/noise stuff and, as it’s all recorded live in one take, is very different to the Thee Crumb stuff – although I’m sure there’s enough similarities there to mark it out as being made by the same person. I recorded several more albums in December and some of these may well see the light soon as well – either as downloads or Startled Okapi! releases. Nothing will emerge though until I’ve cleared the end of February and the RPM challenge is finished.

Things are proceeding pretty well so far this month. I’ve got 13 tracks totally finished and there are another 4 that are just about there. Despite that, I’ve only got just over 22 minutes of music so far. Still, it’s only the 11th, so plenty of time yet. Doing all these short tracks has been very interesting – quite a bit of fun as well, the longest so far weighing in at 1:45 seconds. Here are a couple more demos – as I haven’t mastered any of the finished tracks or even properly titled them yet. I may have to come up with at least 40-odd titles this year instead of the usual 15 or so:

Grub (First Rough Version)

Vase (First Rough Version)

In addition, I’ve got a track on this year’s Braindance forum compilation. This was actually due out just before xmas – so it turned up in February. It’s called No One Died, and is a sort of tribute to 2012.

BITP009DL - Cover

The link to the page on the forum is here or you can just go straight to Bit-Phalanx and pick it up on their release page. I should also add that my track is actually titled We Apologize For The Late Arrival Of The End Of The World, but I guess that was too long to get on the artwork. Oh well…