Stuff For Sale

I’m in the process of transferring a chunk the selling side of this site over to the Startled Okapi! Recordings blog which can be found here – I can take PayPal over there for one thing. At the moment the only physical items there are An Artifact Of Progress, Theda Bara and Sometime In The Next Thousand Years and there’s a pretty good chance that there won’t be anything issued in a physical format for quite a while now as demand has been slow and the time and energy to produce them now is limited – so just about everything now will be digital issues only.

The reissues of Intentional Distortion and Leave Your Barren World Behind have now both been pulled in physical form although I do have a few copies of these to sell through here – £8.00 each including postage. Otherwise it’s just Bandcamp for the digital downloads.

I still have some copies of When I Was King Of The Wilderness available for just £6.00 including postage and a couple of copies of the Digital Vomit compilation Can Buy Me Love IV for just £8.00 including postage.

I don’t have any copies of Foreshadows: The Ghosts of Zero available – if you’re looking for one, try the website.

A number of the others are now at the Bandcamp page – and more will be added. For anything else check the Discography page, as there should be working links to everything there.

If you’re after something listed above then contact me and we’ll sort it out…