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Alan Richard Norman passed away at 13:00 on January 30th 2017 following an eighteen month battle with brain cancer.




Posted: August 20, 2016 in General Stuff

Yes, just when you were thinking it might’ve gone quiet over here…

Afraid not! It’s time for another volume of Asteroid tracks – and we’re at Volume Four already. You can pick this one up from Bandcamp right HERE

And here’s the tracklisting:

1. 16 Psyche 04:44
2. 36 Atalante 04:12
3. 42 Isis 05:03
4. 52 Europa 05:50
5. 66 Maja 03:08
6. 78 Diana 03:01
7. 193 Ambrosia 02:55
8. 223 Rosa 02:54
9. 224 Oceana 02:20
10. 228 Agathe 02:30
11. 351 Yrsa 02:39
12. 448 Natalie 02:29
13. 763 Cupido 02:33
14. 886 Washingtonia 02:11
15. 1043 Beate 03:09
16. 1743 Schmidt 02:05

And here is the link to it all, again…

Volume Five may well be up by the middle of next week, so be warned.

Or wait with deep anticipation, whichever you prefer…

Yes, there’s more…


Volume 3 has now landed at Bandcamp (HERE) so get across there and grab it as soon as you can :-) Feel free to name your price – just like the other volumes. There are a few more volumes of these on the way. Most likely not until the end of September or into October. But you never know – it just depends how industrious I become – and what uploading stuff is like at my new place. So far it’s been generally ok but it can be a bit hit-and-miss now and again even getting online, as I’m sharing a wireless connection with several other people.


3 Juno (5:35)
30 Urania (2:27)
43 Ariadne (3:13)
65 Cybele (4:41)
84 Klio (3:09)
93 Minerva (3:02)
109 Felicitas (3:00)
222 Lucia (3:21)
386 Siegene (3:03)
390 Alma (2:15)
623 Chimaera (2:09)
810 Atossa (1:52)
911 Agamemnon (2:02)
1009 Sirene (2:28)
1094 Siberia (4:39)
1298 Nocturna (1:58)
1785 Wurm (3:20)

No individual links here but all the usual full-length previews can be heard over at the linked Bandcamp page just below the picture. I’m working on some more of these – as well as polishing up the ones that are already laying about here waiting to go. So expect at least one more Volume sometime soon. In the meantime, enjoy these…

Yes, the second volume of Asteroids is here. Well, actually it’s HERE, but you know what I mean…

Startled Okapi! Recordings No. 22


2 Pallas
7 Iris
23 Thalia
26 Proserpina
58 Concordia
62 Erato
80 Sappho
123 Brunhild
133 Cyrene
279 Thule
572 Rebekka
824 Anastasia
1004 Belopolskya
1005 Arago
1282 Utopia
1981 Midas
2106 Hugo

Links to all tracks can be found on the Bandcamp page – and all the usual pricing is available.
Be warned, Volume 3 is not too far away…

August update… Part One

Posted: August 5, 2016 in General Stuff

Here I am, passing over yet again…

ST Cover Large

This time, it’s with another A Plot Of Knives album.

This one is called Survivalist’s Tower (Statled Okapi! Recordings No. 22) and can be found right HERE.

One of the earliest APOK albums now sees the light. Originally recorded back in December 2012 in a single day. This was, in fact, the third album recorded, before either of the other two so far released at Bandcamp or the other two released via Digital Vomit. This one is a little different as the focus is more on ‘slightly shorter’ tracks than the other albums. Judge for yourself if the experiment was succesful or not as the usual previews are available on the page. The usual pricing also applies…

I’ve been having a  bit of trouble in the new place I’m at with the connection – not to mention that I’m having trouble with a few other things too. But I won’t bore you with any of that. I’m hard at work most nights making music, so expect a lot more Asteriods albums very soon…

July 2016

Posted: July 3, 2016 in General Stuff


Here I am again, posting a progress report at the start of yet another month. Well, I moved out of the place I’ve been staying at since last September and am now living in a small flat in Bournemouth. It’s all very relaxed – in fact you’d hardly know there was anybody else living here. The only problem so far is access to the internet – I’m on a shared wireless network here in my attic flat – which is spotty at the best of times and may seriously hamper efforts to upload music. We shall see how it goes.

However, I’ve already got 3 more albums ready to go at Bandcamp, as I took the chance to upload them before I moved. There are 2 Thee Crumb albums (a reissue and a new one) and another APOK album. All of these will go live in the next couple of weeks. After that, we’ll see what happens.

All my musical kit is set up here and I’ve been hard at work, partly going back through a lot of old, unfinished tracks and sorting them out and partly writing a good number of new Asteroid tracks. I expect to have the first volume of them live (depending on the upload situation, of course) fairly soon.

Look out for more information when it all drops…

Well, as I pass over again, it’s time to release the album that I promised for July last year – it’s called Quixotic and can be found on the Bandcamp page – right about here in fact…

Quixotic Cover


1 – Red Serpent – 2:40
2 – Wax Museum Shadow– 3:45
3 – Beak Of Bronze – 3:40
4 – View From A Low-Flying Aircraft#10– 1:36
5 – Alternate Timeline – 3:19
6 – The Lodge – 2:03
7 – Afraid Of Heights – 4:36
8 – Early Morning Light Paints A Harsh Picture – 3:01
9 – Run Aground – 2:01
10 – Amanita – 3:13
11 – Waves At Pevensey Bay – 1:31
12 – View From A Low-Flying Aircraft#8 – 2:04
13 – Orphic Egg – 3:38
14 – Golden Hind – 1:51
15 – The Oak Panelled Room – 5:03

Everything on here was recorded between December 2014 and May 2015 and was lined up to be released sometime in July or August last year before other events got in the way. I’ve posted a couple of these track on here before but full-length previews can be had on the Bandcamp link above. And yes, Waves At Pevensey Bay is an accurate description of the contents of that track.

Following this, I’m looking at releasing few of the older previously-unissued albums and putting most if not all of my other albums up at Bandcamp too, not to mention a few oddities. More on this when it actually happens.

Still out here…

Posted: April 16, 2016 in General Stuff

No Slide Title

Yeah, I know it’s been a little while but I’m still here – still out here orbiting. There isn’t too much to report, at least not too much on the musical side anyway. I’m getting back to my old self on the health front, been back at work since the start of the year, but my stuff is still all over the place where I’m lodging right now so actually making music is very difficult. I even ducked out of the RPM Challenge this year for the first time since 2007, as there was virtually no way I could’ve done it. At least, not to my satisfaction anyway. All I have to make music on right now is my laptop which is ok but not really enough. But I’ve started trying again so we’ll see how it goes.

In addition, I’m going to do my best to get most of my unreleased stuff out there quite soon. Not exactly sure how that’s going to work right now but I’ll let you know on here when I do. As this is about the only place I can broadcast anything right now, as Digital Vomit has ceased operations and Braindance has disappeared totally. Although I’m not exactly wild about it, I’m thinking about joining up on Facebook (insert vomiting Emoticon) as there doesn’t seem to be another way of reaching anybody these days. I’ll think about it and see…

I also need to do some work on the Discography page on here (as well as the page on Discogs) as there seems to be a few dead links and stuff that has disappeared since the middle of last year. I’ve also got something to add as I did manage a track for the DIH Christmas compilation somehow. Not quite sure how as I was approaching the end of Radiotherapy when I did and felt like crap half the time. I’m still on pills for 5 days a month that tend to knock you out but I’m nearly done with them now.

The Xmas album can be found Here – I know it’s a bit late for Christmas (or even a bit early) but it’s there if you want to take a listen. My track’s called Deck the Halls (With Fearne and Holly), which shouldn’t need any explanation to anybody from the UK.

Anyway, I’ll be back soon with more news, as I get more stuff out there. I’m also looking at putting some Plot Of Knives stuff up too, most likely on their own (as-yet non-existent) Bandcamp page via Startled Okapi!

But I’m still here, still out there somewhere in the distant sky so keep an eye out for me as I pass over late at night :-)

October Update

Posted: October 29, 2015 in General Stuff

Yes, I know October is nearly over – but better late than never, eh?

Anyway, I’ll give you a little more detail about my recent medical problems as they’re about all that’s happening right now. It was discovered in August that I had a tumour in my brain, after I’d had some problems with things like walking, talking, sending coherent text messages and remembering things. Anyway, I went to hospital for a bit, had some scans and got put on some steroids that sorted the brain swelling out as well as causing some wonderful side effects. In September, I had the thing removed, and have been recovering from that ever since. The next thing is radiotherapy and then pills just to make sure that they’ve got everything sorted and it won’t be coming back. In addition to all that, I’ve had to move out of my flat during this time as well. That’s another story I won’t bore you with right now.

So, unsurprisingly, I haven’t been making any music. And not only because my gear is in pieces all over the place I’m lodging at right now. At some point I may come back and start making stuff again – but I think it might be a while yet.

If you want any music, go and get it from the Bandcamp page as I’m not in a position to find or mail anything right now. That goes for any Startled Okapi! stuff as well. I may well be back next year, but don’t be surprised if I’m not…

September Update

Posted: September 14, 2015 in General Stuff

Well, there is something happening musically in September – the same as last year I shalll have a track airing at this:

The Dark Outside

I did have a vague (very vague to be honest) idea about maybe getting up there and seeing what it’s all about. But that has gone completely out of the window now.

Basically, I’m quite ill right now. I won’t give out all the details until things are resolved a tad more but I’m now off-work and sitting about at my place all day long waiting to be called into hospital for an operation. As I’m on a waiting list I will literally be phoned up the previous day and told to report at 7AM the next day. After surgery – unless there are complications – I’ll be out the following morning.

Unsurprisingly, I don’t really feel like making much music right now – but I am thinking of maybe trying some lengthy mixes of my stuff at some point in the future. As and when I actually attempt this – and they end up getting posted online somewhere – I’ll post on here. Until then, there won’t be too much occcuring.